Inland Empire is our first album. All the songs come 
from the time spent on Burnham and are the reflexion of its 
spirit and its rugged beauty. 

Lyrics : Meylan
Music : Meylan / additional music by Cotteron / Frésard

Produced by Cotteron / additional production by Meylan / Frésard
Mixed and Mastered by Jeffro Lackscheide (

All songs recorded in BLC’s mobile studio.
Sound engineering : Cotteron
Cover Art and design by Cotteron, pictures by Meylan

BLC would like to thank the following people for their support :

Jo, Jany and Jean-Philippe Cotteron, Marianne, Jean-Luc, Eric and Laurent Meylan,
Silaz, Anne and François Frésard, Shirley Cox, Sara Preisig, Michelle, Hartmann,
Stéphane Jacquier, Viviane, Mike and all our contributors who made this great project a reality !